Nova Scotia Tourism Guides - Sunrise Trail

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Sunrise Trail Book

Warm waters! There's a special feeling of welcome as the gentle surf caresses broad sand beaches.

The Sunrise Trail boasts warm, sparkling blue waters and wide sandy beaches. The Scottish heritage here is evident in the unique towns, festivals and musical events. Local restaurants highlight delicious local fare such as lobster, maple syrup and blueberries. Take a vineyard tour at Jost Vineyards, swim at Melmerby beach and end a perfect day with a lobster supper.

Gently rolling farmlands create a quilt of emerald green fields that meet the sparkling blue waters of the Northumberland Strait. Country roads wind along shores, bright red bluffs and tidal salt marshes are vibrant with life. Discover quaint towns and villages, timeless museums and a people where happy smiles and greetings are the norm as well as the friendly greetings you will receive along this trail