Nova Scotia Tourism Guides - Marine Drive

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Marine Drive Book

The charming seacoast communities along the Eastern Shore are home to the finest sights, sounds and experiences that Nova Scotia has to offer. Explore the rugged natural coastline along the Eastern shores with superb hiking trails, idyllic picnic spots and some of the province's finest beaches. A world-class destination for outdoor enthusiasts: surfers, windsurfers and fishermen abound. The lumber and shipbuilding history of the area can be found at Sherbrooke history museum, and the gold mining history at Goldboro and Goldenville museums.

Tantalize your taste buds with a feast of the world's finest seafood; treat your ears to the sweet sounds of folk and Maritime music; see magnificent seacoast vistas; savour the restorative powers of the salt sea air at the many long uncrowded beaches; or enjoy the warmth of the friendly handshakes and hearty hellos that welcome you at our Accommodations wherever you go.