Nova Scotia Tourism Guides - Marconi Trail

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Marconi Trail Book

Step through a doorway in time into a magnificent French town whose streets are a bustle of 18th-century activity. Inside the massive stone gates, the year is 1744. Stroll lively streets where costumed washerwomen, bread sellers, soldiers, noblemen and musicians are going about their daily business. Explore historic period gardens, watch musket and cannon drills, roam through the king’s storehouses, and visit the homes of commoners, merchants, and wealthy residents. This is the Fortress of Louisbourg, the largest historic reconstruction in North America, meticulously rebuilt on the foundations of the original fortress—the site from which the French hoped to reign over all North Atlantic navigation in the 1700s.

The region’s colourful French heritage is alive and well along the Fleur-de-lis and Marconi Trails, in picturesque Acadian fishing villages that dot the rugged sea coast. Be sure to sample regional fare like T’chaude or Pâté à la viande.