Nova Scotia Tourism Guides - Glooscap Trail

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The Glooscap Trail Book

World's Highest Tides - Fundy Shore; The Glooscap Trail of Nova Scotia evokes images of ancient legends and mysteries born of nature’s beauty. Come and explore this special place, where the majestic power of the world’s highest tides has shaped a landscape of unforgettable splendour. The trail is a trajectory of excitement and adventure, where once-in-a-lifetime experiences wait just around the next bend.

The Glooscap Trail follows the spectacular shore of the Minas Basin, whose nutrient-rich waters create an ecological diversity that makes it one of North America’s great natural treasures. Here you can explore a pristine Nova Scotia beach where agates and sparkling amethysts are the gifts of the waves. Hike a deep forest trail to a cascading waterfall, or enjoy the endless views of the Bay of Fundy from high atop towering sea cliffs. This is a land where eagles and osprey soar, where moose graze in quiet marshes and fall migrations bring hundreds of thousands of shorebirds.

Hike a coastal trail and experience the world's highest tides, or explore the many inland rivers and cascading waterfalls. The Glooscap Trail offers a wealth of outdoor experiences.